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Privacy Policy

Your trust in Shubtara is appreciable when you place your order or sign up with us. Privacy of your personnel information is taken very seriously and we keep your information, order history and other records completely private. Your personal information will never be misused by Shubtara or any of its affiliates.

We stick to a very strict privacy policy as follows:

  1. 1. Information Kept Private

  2. We will never offer any of your personnel information including e-mail address. Without your explicit consent, you will not be indulged in any of the mailing lists. You will never receive any spams from our end .

    Your personnel details will not be sold to any third party. You might be unaware but most of the companies track your browsing history, leave unwanted cookies on your desktop and even sell your information and browsing behavior to mailing lists or third parties. We are definitely AGAINST this.

    It is all under control what information you wish to provide when you order from us. You can choose another corresponding e-mail for any such information. If you do not want it, we will NEVER send you any order confirmation, invoice, shipping confirmation or satisfaction surveys.

    Without your prior consent, we will not send you any mails. You will not be disturbed with any snail mails or e-mails if you do not want them. Our belief in product quality and service efficiency would bring repeat business automatically.

    The merchant name on the card/ bank statement will ether show our payments processing partner name i.e. RAZORPAY or ICICI bank.

    Our systems and information are maintained under complete security. We prefer the latest anti- virus software (if required) and use secure passwords on all systems. You should not worry about your information as even our employees cannot access it until it is needed to serve you.

  3. 2. In what way your information is used?

  4. Your shipping address: changeable for every order you make. We use this address just to ship your order and there will not be any other delivery except your order to this address.

    Your phone number: your phone number is shared to the courier delivery person to get in contact with you. The courier comes in concealed packing to ensure that the delivery person does not get to know anything about your order or you. We might receive a call from the team before dispatching your order just to confirm it or may call you for any purpose related to your order at Shubtara otherwise there will be no calls. An automated system or a customer care representative are the two sources by which we make our calls. You may also receive an SMS with the details of how to confirm/reject order via miss call or any other service.

    Your credit-card information: this information is made to use only for monetary transactions.

    Your e-mail address: You will not receive any advertising or spamming mails if you request us not to do so. Otherwise, we assume your consent to send you mails for the following purposes:

    • E-mailing the copy of the order.
    • E-mailing the shipping confirmation.
    • E-mailing you a short customer satisfaction survey
    • Emailing 'Reminders' you opt to be reminded for products.

    Your billing address: this is put to use only when we need to confirm your credit-card. Shubtara will never send anything except your order.

  5. 3. Gathering information:

  6. Unlike other websites, we do not prefer collecting inevitable information. We have a comprehensive information gathering policy.

    For visitors (people who look into our store or visit us): you can visit our website even without entering your name or e-mail as we are not interested in who is visiting our website rather, we are curious to know how many visitors do we have and track which pages/ products are of greater interest to the visitors.

    For Customers (individuals who have order or an account with us

    We do gather your personnel information but only to a certain extent. With a privacy policy your information is fully secured and held in strictest confidence.

    You can change your information whenever you wish to do so by just sending us an e-mail (e-mail address provided on the website). You are always guided in the shortest time possible regarding any changes you are willing to make. You can view the information you have shared with us anytime you want to.

    To prevent other individuals from accessing your files, we have kept a security check for this. You need to prove your identity before making any changes.

    The feedbacks are also kept in strict confidence and also when we disclose the feedback, we do keep it anonymous

    In short terms, your personnel information is kept under strictest of confidence and also 100% secure.

  7. 4. DND:

  8. Related to your account/orders placed on our website you may receive transactional SMS, calls on registered mobile/landline number with us. All the inquiry on calls/SMS will be related to transactions performed on our website. You may be sent promotional SMS related to offers/products on our site only with your consent. Should you wish to not receive those, you may click on the unsubscribe link provided in the SMS.

  9. 5. Advertising:

  10. We may use personalized advertising/retargeting features of ad platforms like Google Ad Words, Face book, or any other ad platform. For this purpose, the sharing of email address, phone number or any other personnel information is done in encrypted hash form, used only for matching profiles to deliver better personalized ad experience. No identifiable information will be shared in clear text to any other sites.

  11. 6. Legal issues:

  12. In case, if any of the transaction is a part of some legal dispute (for ex: credit card fraud), information might be requested from us in form of a sub-poena (legal demand for information or appearance). In such situations we might be required to reveal your information. If any such situation occurs, we find it our prior responsibility to contact the person through the preferred source and then pass on the information.

    Any of your personal details will only be shared until or unless a government unit demands for it like the sales tax department.

  13. 7. Other Site Links::

  14. Our website may link to other sites as well that might collect personally identifiable information about you. Any such page will not carry our logo on top and will be clearly identifiable in the browser URL. We are not responsible for any misconduct by such websites.

    We have to ensure that your experience with us is completely private and safe. So, we advise you not to browse such links except for the payment link that our website provides.

    RAZORPAY ( and ICICI Bank is our payment gateway provider. Both of them have experience of providing services to millions of users. Shop with confidence and pay with either of them. For more information, you can visit their websites to know more about their privacy policy.

    Shubtara may redirect you to various other websites. But we do not take any responsibility further.

  15. 8. Merger, Acquisition and Termination of Service:

  16. Your information might be shared further if we merge or are acquired by another company as per this privacy policy. If we cease the information, your Personal Information may be transferred to and used by another company that offers similar or related products or services.